14 - Leah Kostamo - Planted

For Leah Kostamo, Jesus’ counsel to “Consider the lilies” is not just a preamble to some advice on living simply. It is an exhortation in its own right. For Leah, a life of paying attention to the natural world has led to a passion for conserving the integrity of that world, our common home. Leah is the co-founder and spiritual care coordinator for A Rocha Canada, a Christian conservation organization involved in environmental education, habitat restoration and organic farming. She also is a co-founder of Kingfisher Farm, an A Rocha offshoot where some of the A Rocha staff and their friends live together in intentional community. Leah’s book, Planted: A Story of Creation, Calling, and Communityrecords some of their adventures together, and lessons learned along the way. We were delighted with her humility and wisdom, her extensive vocabulary for animal groupings, and her story of how Margaret Atwood became a champion of her book and her cause.

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